The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the drawing has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

Win "GIRLS TRIP" on Blu-ray Combo Pack & $250 Lululemon Gift Card!

Ended: November 29, 2017
Girlstrip lululemon giveaway 2
  • Congratulations Marla L. from AZ!

Win a Strata Home Pressure Cooker & a Robotic Vacuum!

Ended: November 29, 2017
Strata home prize giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Sherry H. from MT!
  • Congratulations Evelyn -. from NY!

Win an Ashley Shelly 2018 Planner!

Ended: November 29, 2017
Ashley shelly planner giveaway 1
  • Congratulations crystal s. from SC!
  • Congratulations Jean C. from WI!
  • Congratulations Tess K. from CO!

Win Two Hipsy No-Slip Headbands!

Ended: November 29, 2017
Hipsy headbands giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Vera S. from NC!
  • Congratulations Betty G. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Debbi V. from AL!
  • Congratulations Scott H. from SC!
  • Congratulations Jennifer C. from CA!

Win "GIRLS TRIP" on Blu-ray Combo Pack & a $250 Visa Gift Card!

Ended: November 29, 2017
Girlstrip visa giveaway 2
  • Congratulations Josephine L. from NV!

Win a $25 Hallmark Gift Card!

Ended: November 29, 2017
Hallmark winitwednesday giftcard giveaway
  • Congratulations Kathleen L. from NY!

Win The Giving Manger for this Holiday Season!

Ended: November 28, 2017
The giving manger giveaway
  • Congratulations SYLVIA M. from TX!
  • Congratulations Janice B. from CA!
  • Congratulations whitney c. from IL!
  • Congratulations Misty P. from IN!
  • Congratulations Sylvia T. from CA!

Win an Oska Pulse Pain Relief Device!

Ended: November 28, 2017
Oska pulse giveaway 1
  • Congratulations charlene b. from CA!
  • Congratulations DAVID H. from WI!

Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card & Hefty Trash Bags!

Ended: November 28, 2017
Hefty amazon giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Dawn C. from WI!
  • Congratulations Laurie M. from NC!
  • Congratulations David G. from CA!
  • Congratulations William K. from TN!

Win a Backstage Bag Celebrity Baby Basket!

Ended: November 28, 2017
Backstage baby basket giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Brigitte K. from ME!

Win a $50 Whole Foods Gift Card & WHOLLY GUACAMOLE Product Coupons!

Ended: November 28, 2017
Wholly guac whole foods gc giveaway 4
  • Congratulations Linda R. from OH!
  • Congratulations Terrance M. from WI!
  • Congratulations Trudy P. from PA!

Win a "DREAMGIRLS" Blu-ray Combo Gift Set + a Book Signed by the Director!

Ended: November 20, 2017
Dreamgirls prize package giveaway
  • Congratulations Dawn J. from PA!
  • Congratulations SUZANNE P. from PA!
  • Congratulations Colleen F. from FL!
  • Congratulations Kathy B. from OH!
  • Congratulations Andrea W. from FL!
  • Congratulations Priscilla B. from HI!
  • Congratulations Brianna H. from CA!
  • Congratulations Debra B. from AZ!

Win a Silk Smartish iPhone 7/8 or 7/8 Plus Case!

Ended: November 27, 2017
Silk iphone case giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Faye B. from NJ!
  • Congratulations Lauren L. from FL!
  • Congratulations Linda H. from CA!

Win a Case-Mate iPhone 7/8 or 7/8 Plus Case!

Ended: November 27, 2017
Casemate iphone case giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Betty K. from OR!
  • Congratulations Thomas D. from NY!
  • Congratulations Gene N. from PA!

Win a $50 Target Gift Card!

Ended: November 27, 2017
Cybermonday target flash giveaway
  • Congratulations Briana C. from CA!

Win a Pair of Beat Kicks!

Ended: November 26, 2017
Beat kicks giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Nancy Q. from CA!
  • Congratulations Terri B. from KY!
  • Congratulations Amanda A. from AL!
  • Congratulations Vicki J. from DE!
  • Congratulations Cherryl V. from NM!
  • Congratulations Mary T. from WI!

Win a Petsies Stars Bundle!

Ended: November 24, 2017
Petsies bundle giveaway
  • Congratulations Ruth M. from IL!

Win Denon Exercise Headphones!

Ended: November 22, 2017
Denon headphones giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Rhonda W. from NM!
  • Congratulations Doug C. from IL!

Win a Hustle Humble Subscription Box!

Ended: November 22, 2017
Hustle humble box giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Ginny W. from SC!
  • Congratulations crystal k. from CA!

Win a Polk Audio Signa S1 Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer!

Ended: November 22, 2017
Polk audio soundbar giveaway 1
  • Congratulations Brook W. from CA!
  • Congratulations louann s. from MI!